Episode 7: Open Hellmouth

Autumn jumped backwards, evading one of Skrull’s bone spikes, then blocked with her sword as a metal spike tried to hit her from the side. She pushed the spike away and swiped her Arc Edge horizontally in that direction, but hit nothing. “This thing moves so fast! Why can’t it just stay still!?” Autumn’s eyes widened as an idea hit her. She quickly threw a smoke bomb at the floor, turning herself invisible, and crept back up to the front door of the building, the skittering still audible in the cave. With her back against the door, she activated her super and fired a shadowshot above the entrance to the cave, then one at a middle column in the room, and finally another one at the ceiling above and in front of her. An ear-piercing cry from the cave and then the skittering started becoming louder. She waited silently, hiding behind the middle column and listened carefully. The skittering stopped abruptly as she heard her tether go off. Autumn quickly rolled around the pillar towards the tether and saw the 6-limbed thrall suppressed and held in place. She took out her Arc Edge and swung at it’s 2 right arms, cutting them clean off. Skrull screamed, forcing Autumn to cover her ears, and it managed to retreat into the shadows. Autumn then gathered herself and ran back to the front door to wait for it to trip the second tether. For a long moment, it was unnervingly silent, but then the skittering started again, this time a broken pattern due to Skrull’s missing 2 limbs. The second tether activated, and she sprinted over to it. But nothing was there. “Woa!” She said as she rolled forward, dodging something that flew past her head. She turned around to see that one of its missing arms had been thrown past her and tripped the last tether. “Shit!” She whispered as the skittering started coming from behind her again. ‘Maybe we can use its own technique against it. When you went invisible before, it couldn’t detect you, so maybe if you time it right, we can use its own tactic against it.’ Autumn’s ghost explained to her. “Good idea! But first we need it to lose sight of us so that it won’t know I’ve gone invisible.”

Autumn ran back to the door and waited. The skittering came right up to her and stopped. She knew it was there somewhere, but where? Something tapped the floor to her right. “Found you!- ARGHHH” without warning, a bone spike came from above her and pierced her right through her right shoulder. Mustering up all the strength she could, she used her hunter knife to cut off the spike and then with her other arm, grabbed Skrull by the neck and threw it over onto the floor in front of her and quickly shot it with her Answering Chord, making it flee into the shadows again, screaming in pain. She removed the spike from her shoulder and threw it on the floor, followed by a smoke bomb. Now that she was invisible and the creature didn’t know, she quietly stumbled back to the middle column and waited, leaning against it. The skittering came again, even more broken now, and it sounded close. She listened, and heard it move right past her to the side. Once it was in front of her she lunged forwards and swung a powerful slash of her sword horizontally through the thick blackness of the dark. Remaining in place with her sword still held out at the end of its attack, the lights flickered back on, revealing Skrull laying on the floor in 2 pieces, separated by a clean cut just below its ribs. It was done.

The door of the left building opened up and Autumn limped out of it to then collapse on the floor. “Autumn!!!” Yelled Speedy. “I’ll go take care of Autumn, you guys finish off these waves of enemies!” He commanded. When he got there, she had lost so much blood and had lost consciousness. He set his own ghost to work with hers, healing her wounds. “Speedy, the energy field still isn’t down!” Shouted Bryce. “I’m on it!” He replied and then ran into the building. “Ogre!!!” Wombatt shouted, noticing an ogre heading for Autumn’s body. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!” in disbelief everyone watched Zom zoom past them all in an interceptor, laughing with insanity. “No Zom, wait!!” *BOOM* Taz left it too late to try and stop him as he ploughed the interceptor into the ogre and caused a huge explosion. ‘Guardian down.’ A couple of seconds later Zom walked out of the flames in radiance juggling a fusion grenade in one hand as burning pieces of the ogre rained down around him. “Aaahahahahaaa Zom you legend!!” Marco pissed himself laughing as he praised him.

Inside the building something was amiss, the lights were still flickering, as if there was something struggling to power the building still. When he got to the middle of the room he saw Skrull’s lower half laying on the floor, but the torso was gone. He followed a strange scratching noise to the cave and found Skrull dragging itself towards the console at the end of it with its one still complete arm. He easily caught up with it and put his foot on its spine, it’s half-cut off arms flailing around as it struggled underneath him. “You hurt my friend…” He said, his exo eyes beginning to glow red. “And now I’m going to hurt you.” Speedy slowly pushed his foot through the Thrall’s back, breaking through its thoracic, until his foot was resting on the SIVA core inside its chest that gave Skrull life. He lifted his foot slightly to have a look at it – it was damaged, with a cut running through the side of it, possibly caused by Autumn’s sword, but it was still functioning. “Any last words?” Skrull screamed so loud that everyone outside could hear it. as speedy crushed the SIVA core with his foot and the skeletal torso flopped dead under him.

Outside, the energy field disappeared, exposing the Hellmouth. *GROOOOAAAARRRR* Suddenly a huge roar shook the entire area, silencing the battlefield to a standstill. All of the Hive splicers began to run towards the other patrol areas, even the ogres were hurriedly walking away. “What the heck is going on!?” Asked Luna, watching all the Hive flee. Another roar thundered out of the Hellmouth, turning everyone’s attention towards it. A giant skeletal arm with patches of torn scaly flesh emerged out of the Hellmouth on the left, grabbing hold of a huge rock cluster. A second arm rose up on the right and grabbed the right hand building. Next came 2 massive metal wings, followed by a Head the size of an Interceptor. When the raw bone lower jaw opened away from the steel plating of its upper jaw andrest of the head, it let out another huge roar. 2 electronically projected red eyes stared down at the guardians before it. Above its head read the name; Daedalus, The Fallen One. “Is that… A spliced Ahamkara!?” Marco asked rhetorically. “DEFENSIVE POSITIONS, EVERYBODY!” Speedy yelled, running back out of the building. *SCCRRRRCHHHH* everyone’s ear pieces crackled as a voice came through. “Y’all right guys?” Airium looked to the sky and saw a blue glint of light. “….Beasty….?”

End of episode.

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