Episode 17: Division

The smoke surrounding Zom dispersed into the surroundings, revealing his transformation. His head now had 2 thick, ribbed horns growing either side from his eye crest, resembling that of a deathsinger. The spikes that ran across the top on his helmet had also grown in size and in number, running in a straight line across his head. He had armour made of bone that covered his shoulders and spanned over his chest and upper back. There was a crest of some kind coming out of it that formed a guard in front of his neck. Similarly there was one at the back that resembled a huge collar. The bottom of his robes seeped out a dark mist, completely hiding his legs and reducing visibility around him. He also had 2 pitch black wings on his back, much like Oryx’s, but smaller.

For a moment, he just hovered in the air, his body relaxed and his head slung forward, looking at the floor beneath him. A new name was projected above his head; Zom, Death Spectre. Lukas cautiously reloaded his shotgun, each round clicking into the gun. Once he had added all of his rounds into the barrel, he pumped the gun to ready it for use. Suddenly Zom’s head twitched to look at Lukas, and with lightning fast speed he flew over to Lukas and threw a solar grenade at him. Lukas evaded to the side, diving onto his front, but the grenade let off a huge area of effect, almost 3 times as big as a regular solar grenade. “ARRGHHH!!” Lukas cried out in pain, as the furious fire of the grenade consumed his right leg, inflicting severe burns and a lot of damage to his health. He dragged himself along the floor, his burned leg trailing behind him, trying to get away from Zom who was flying behind him at a similar pace, charging up another 2 grenades with both hands. “HEY!” Yves shouted. Zom ignored him and continued towards Lukas. “Oh shit.” Yves thought to himself. He quickly. changed to his sidearm and ran towards Zom, shooting him in the back. Zom flinched with every bullet that hit him and then turned sharply to face Yves.

The 2 charged at eachother, Yves reloading his sidearm as he ran. Before he could start shooting at Zom again, he saw a solar grenade heading right towards him. Thinking quickly, he blink jumped past it, narrowly avoiding the explosion. He noticed Zom readying his second grenade to throw, and started shooting his Wormwood at him again, the bullets causing Zom to flinch and delay the grenade. When his magazine was empty, he threw a flux grenade at Zom, which stuck to his shoulder and exploded dealing good damage to Zom’s health. “Now’ my chance” he thought. He blink jumped into the air, directly at Zom, and took out his Bolt Caster. “I’m so sorry Zom.” He said as his blade edged towards Zom’s chest. Suddenly a thick layer of smoke enveloped Zom, and Yves passed through it, feeling no contact with his sword. He landed on the other side and turned around to see another cloud of smoke further away, out of which Zom appeared. “Oh fuck, he can teleport!” He said, switching to his Colovance’s Duty scout rifle. “Ughh, Yves….” Yves turned around to see Lukas laying on the floor behind him. “Lukas! Are you alright man!?” “Yves… We can’t beat him…. We have to get out of here…” Lukas mustered enough strength to pull himself into a kneeling position, frowning in pain as he bent his burnt leg. “Ok man, I’m gonna distract Zom. You try and head for the exit and get someone to teleport us back up to the Schism? I’ll be right behind you!”

Having given his instructions, Yves turned to face Zom, who was flying slowly towards them, once again charging up another 2 grenades. “Ok Zom, it’s just you and me now. Let’s settle this!” Yves gritted his teeth together and pulled out his Bolt Caster. Zom let out a deathsinger scream and began flying towards Yves at a much faster pace.


“Beasty, come onnnnn! We need to hurry up!” “Eh? That’s rich Autumn, given that you insisted that we ate a sandwich before setting off…” “Whaaaat!? I was hungry! Heheheheeee” Autumn protested. Beasty shook his head and pressed launch in his jumpship, flying out of the Schism’s hangar. He flew out alongside Autumn and together they set off for the moon.

After a few minutes, they were nearing their drop off point. “Ok Autumn, get ready to land over there in the-” *BOOM* “You alright Beasty!?” “…..Ughhh, what was that?…” Beasty’s eyes flickered open and he found himself on the floor of his ship. He rolled over onto his backside and froze as he noticed a massive hole in the side of his ship. “Ah fuck! I’m hit! Badly!” “Beasty you gotta slow down or your gonna crash!” “Err….” He pulled himself up and tried to steer his ship upwards, but nothing happened. “Crap, the controls are fried!” He quickly headed over to the hole and peered out of it to see Autumn’s ship flying beside him about 50 meters away. “Autumn, if you can get close enough to me, I could jump to your ship!” “Ok one sec- WOA!” Autumn’s ship veered away from Beasty as a rocket-like void projectile roared past her and up into the sky. Beasty looked down and zoomed in with his Antinomy. Through his scope he could see a large group of Fallen, a bunch of dregs, a handful of vandal snipers, and one scorch captain, holding a null cannon.

“Ok Beasty I’m coming in, take your jump!” Autumn’s ship flew in close to Beasty’s holding itself a few meters away. “Ok, ok…. I can do this….” Beasty let out a huge breath of air and then ran and jumped out of his ship towards the wing of Autumn’s. The jump felt like slow motion to him as countless bullets whistled past his head all around him. Autumn glanced out of her window to see him midair, almost at the highest point of the jump, his Titan lift ever so slowly pushing him to her ship. His feet touched down on the wing and Autumn let out a huge sigh of relief, but suddenly a bolt of blue shot past her window and struck Beasty in the shoulder. The bullet was so fast that it smacked Beasty right into the air, sending him tumbling backwards uncontrollably at immense speed. “NOOOOO!!!!!” Autumn screamed as she watched Beasty get smaller and smaller until just a few seconds later he faded into the distance.

End of episode.

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