Media Mannequins

One take. One camera. One team that love all things digital have taken the #MannequinChallenge in India.

A bunch of students from a Digital Marketing Course have created a video where they pose as mannequins and then get back to being on the move again. So, in this video you will see a series of latest topics like the US Presidential elections, Indian currency dilemma of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and also Arnab’s resignation as the editor-in-chief of a prominent media channel in India. The main insight came from the childhood game of 123 Statue that most Indian kids have played in India.

Thrown in between are moments that students of any school experience and added are shots of a media school since the shoot took place at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education.

Hence, the video has been aptly titled as “Media Mannequins” because this is the first batch of digital aspirants from the school.

Check out this video:

Yours in story,

Shveta Jadhav