The Female Founders team

Acknowledging the Unequal Paths to Success

As of 2019, Across Europe women make up only 37% of all management positions, 28% of board member spots and 18% of senior executives. This underrepresentation of women at all levels is largely due to the fact that, both as founders and employees, women are constantly at a systemic disadvantage compared to men.

For example, the Harvard business review determined that women require more complex networks than men in order to achieve the same level of success. In terms of funding, teams of women founders received only 10%-15% of all European money invested into…

We are extremely excited to congratulate Arnaud Bakker and Fred Hagenauer on their recent promotions to Principal. The satisfaction they take from finding diamond-in-the-rough pre-seed investments and helping them grow exemplifies everything we, as a company, stand for.

Speedinvest Pre-Seed Principals, Arnaud Bakker and Fred Hagenauer

Getting in Below the Ground Floor

At Speedinvest, we are known for seed. What many people don’t know is that our passion for finding and supporting innovative teams of founders extends all the way to the “back-of-napkin” stage of development.

Launched as an experiment in early 2015, our pre-seed practice has proven to be an instrumental part of our strategy ever since…

We’re excited to welcome Jeroen Arts to the Speedinvest Partnership as an Associate Partner. From the day he joined the family, Jeroen has used his diverse experience and contagious passion to support the growth of both our Network Effects team and Speedinvest.

Associate Partner, Jeroen Arts

Great teams are built by team players. Jeroen Arts knows and lives this principle. As a successful founder, former manager of Olympic athletes, and a startup investor, he has built his diverse career on establishing strong partnerships with colleagues, clients, and founders. Ensuring those around him reach their fullest potential is Jeroen’s top priority.

Jeroen joined Speedinvest with…

We’re excited to welcome Anthony Danon to the Speedinvest Partnership as an Associate Partner. Our Fintech team has been an unparalleled success story and Anthony has played an instrumental role.

Speedinvest Associate Partner, Anthony Danon
Speedinvest Associate Partner, Anthony Danon
Speedinvest Associate Partner, Anthony Danon

Finding Where You Can Make a Difference

A lot can happen in short period of time. Back in 2017, it became clear that we needed to take our Fintech investment strategy to the next level — read competitive on a global stage. Stefan Klestil, Lead Partner of our Fintech investment team, set out to make it happen. Step 1: Build a strong team of people with a singular desire to…

Andreas Schwarzenbrunner, Associate Partner

Talent, Skill and Team Matter More than the “Right” Background

In 2017, Industrial Tech companies in Europe were antiquated and quickly falling behind others in the Industry 4.0 digital revolution. Still, there were a number of forward-thinking startups, specifically in the DACH region, that, if properly sourced and backed, could help revolutionize the industry as a whole.

Seeing this gap, Speedinvest Partner Marie-Helene Ametsreiter was tasked with building a new team and raising a 70 million euro fund to do just that. And who did she turn to for support? In her words, “not a stereotypical ‘VC-is-my-entire-world’ kind of guy.”…

Many companies are offering customers free access to their services and support, as well as free benefits to help customers cope with self-isolation.

Our portfolio company Tide has created the above online resource center for SMEs to navigate the crisis.

As the world continues to cope with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, many of our companies have chosen to use their products, services and teams to support their customers and communities. This, despite facing challenging and uncertain economic conditions themselves.

We applaud their efforts and will continue to share their initiatives (in alphabetical order) below.


From now until the end of July, Celus is offering its game-changing Celus Engineering Platform free of charge to all companies working on…

The new fund increases Speedinvest’s total AUM to more than €400m

● New fund to invest in European early-stage startups across Fintech, Deep Tech, Marketplaces, Industrial Tech, Digital Health and Consumer Tech

● Speedinvest doubling down on its vertical investment strategy, 40+ member investment team, 20 in-house operational experts, and unique local presence across Europe

● 100% of cornerstone investors, including US-based NEA, return based on strong historic fund results and portfolio company performances, including wefox Group and TIER Mobility

25 February 2020 — Speedinvest, a European venture capital fund with offices in London, Berlin, Vienna, Munich and San Francisco…

Some of Speedinvest’s most exciting portfolio startups share their success stories

Legal OS is the smartest library for legal content in the world. How did you come up with your initial idea for the startup?

My co-founder’s dad is a professor of law who started to think about the ‘industrialisation of law’ long before the term Legal Tech was a thing. Part of a method he has been developing for the past 20 years empowers our in-house lawyers to create our data models.

Some of Speedinvest’s most exciting portfolio startups share their success stories.

With byrd businesses can easily handle their online shop logistics. How did you come up with your initial idea for the startup?

When my co-founder Alex came up with the initial idea in late 2015, it was quite different from the business we‘re running today. He was a student and selling a lot of stuff online through various marketplaces. When it came to shipping the products, he realized that it‘s a real hassle to pack and ship the items. That‘s how he came up with the idea to build…

Some of Speedinvest’s most exciting portfolio startups share their success stories.

Secret City Trails offers a fun and playful way to discover new cities. How did you come up with your initial idea for the startup?

Kristina: The idea started when I discussed with Wendy what to do one weekend in Amsterdam. We both were not satisfied with the options to do if you do not want to go to a bar or restaurant. …


We’re a European VC with more than €400M AUM and offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna and San Francisco. Get to know us at

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