When trying to decide where to purchase jewelry for that special someone Walmart and Target are retailers that should be considered. Walmart operates nearly 5,000 stores in the United States which gives them tremendous buying power. Walmart is able to leverage that buying power to purchase large quantities of jewelry at lower prices. The quality of Walmart jewelry is better than most would assume.

Target also sells jewelry that is mostly priced below $50 and has decent Valentine’s Day jewelry.

26% of the world’s population has high blood pressure (hypertension). 46% of Americans have high blood pressure. These alarming percentages are the result of poor diet choices that are prevalent in our fast paced society.

The Speed Shopper app was created to help people find items in the store faster, and we’ve prepared this list for those seeking to reduce blood pressure with the assistance of our app. Simply choose from the list of items below and add them to your shopping list using the Speed Shopper app and watch as it shows you the aisle locations for each item.

Speed Shopper — Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

“Our Mission is to build Gem City Fine Foods as the premiere provider of delicious gluten- and nut-free and food allergy friendly desserts. We want to make it easy to B Gluten Free!”

Gem City Fine Foods began as a small local bakery called Blossom Fine Foods in Salt Lake City in 2005. We recognized the need for truly delicious quality gluten free foods, moved into a dedicated bakery facility in 2012, and now produce exclusively certified gluten free gourmet desserts. We offer a wide range of options with exceptional quality and flavor, and are continually evolving our line. …

Zabuys.com, the most stocked online marketplace with fast delivery services in Uganda and abroad.

Almost everything is sold on Zabuys.com ;
1. Clothes And Fashion Accessories
2. Electronics
3. Phones And Accessories
4. Foods And beverages
5. Art and Craft Products
6. Vehicles And Spares
7. Furniture
8. Home And Kitchen Equipment
9. Agriculture Raw-Materials And Products
10. Stationery And Back-To-School Equipment
And many more products.

Muhlhaus offers Portable Pour Overs that are specialty roasted, meticulously grinded, weighed and packed into single serve USDA Organic and 100% Renewable packaging. Simply add hot water and be part of the new wave that’s taking over America.

Perfect for Avid Coffee Drinkers, Busy Professionals, Travelers on long Journey’s, and Outdoor Enthusiasts, Muhlhaus is European Gourmet Coffee in Portable Pour Overs that come in 100% Renewable Packaging and Leave No Trace. No equipment needed, simply add hot water.

Muhlhaus Coffee is available at an exclusive discounted price to Speed Shopper app users!

Although the price of Ether has risen nearly 30% over the last month, Speed Shopper gave it away…



Crypto Coins and Crypto Tokens

For all practical purposes Bitcoin is the standard for crypto currencies. There are hard forks (code changes resulting in alternate blockchains) of Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private and others that have code changes to make them faster, more secure, more private, etc. However, to the average person they all sound like impractical, needless technology that only has a “get rich quick” appeal.

In 2018 Speed Shopper LLC announced the launch of their new shopping list app for Apple and Android mobile devices. In hopes of improving the effectiveness of shopping list apps, Speed Shopper has given its users a unique tool that will undoubtedly enrich their shopping experience.

“People don’t mind going inside of stores to shop, they just aren’t too fond of how long it often takes.” Said Mitchell McElroy founder of Speed Shopper. “While many tech companies are trending towards online and grocery delivery services, we feel that shoppers actually prefer in-person shopping. …

Speed Shopper

The Only Shopping List App That Pays You Cryptocurrency

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