Selfish advice

A cracking head turn to the left and to the right gives everyone a different glimpse of what motivation they want to hear. Personally, I love the motivational quotes and motivational speakers that make me want to spring into action. Even though quotes are lovely they can also be too cheesy for the young adults that vision more. Motivational speakers are the millennial’s and generation z’s bread and butter. The daring truth of motivational speakers reveal to a listener that hustling and putting in the work will make them successful. However, while ninety percent of those listeners in the audience will walk out of the room inspired; only about thirty percent will do something with that inspiration. And while those thirty percent actually begin; reality states that only ten percent will get something going and only one percent will succeed(Well more like .1%). Every human being loves to be inspired, for it is music to our ears. If only the majority of us would take action every time we felt inspired. It’s just that we are all too selfish! 
We all rather sit back and purchase the next leading gadget society yells at us to buy. That is not the half of it though; us humans like slamming the hard dirt and standing again to start all over. We repeat the same actions and mistakes hoping we can get a different response — that is plain insanity. How can such an intelligent society be so cowardly?
We humans are not perfect. I have never been perfect a day in my life, but by trying different ways to be perfect then one day I might be successful. I hate to sound like a bad guy here, but sometimes a selfish comment is needed for a call to action. What selfish advice calls you to take action?