Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

oh man… this was super annoying to read. I guess they should make the distinction between anti-abortion and pro-life. But thats how they wanted it to be, because they needed the label “Pro” or else it wouldn’t look good.

They can’t be annoyed at you because your kids are screwing things up for them? They can’t be rude because they are pro-life? Maybe they were having a crappy day too and that was the last straw for them and they did something unkind because of it.

I’m so awesome, and they are just A-holes. They shouldn’t even be considered to be part of a community like us fantastic pro-lifers because they were rude to a mom once.

The whole thing just sounds outrageously self-centered and self-righteous.

I read this because it was posted on facebook and I wish I never clicked on it.

You can’t oppose abortion unless you help people pick up stuff their kid spilled all over the place.

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