Don’t sleep on Sabrina Claudio: “About Time” tops R&B charts and it’s worth a listen

From SoundCloud to mainstream, Claudio colors her sound with strokes of youth, romance, and getting reacquainted with the self.

Time isn’t wasted on the young, it’s reinvented. 20-somethings are keenly aware of their youthful potential and the steady passage of time, especially when in the throes of a relationship.

Love blooms in the wee hours of the morning, the gentle seconds of the night and the midday minutes of every afternoon. Sabrina Claudio, a blooming 21-year-old singer-songwriter, brings to life her own obsession with time, on her debut album, About Time. Weaving her words with heart-felt romance and powerful vows to independence, her sultry sound lulls listeners into a heady trance, one that surpasses the constraints of the present.

Time will be frozen for us.

Claudio introduces her infatuation with the bleeding bud of new romance. Crooning on her hit, Belong to You, she unfurls her deepest self for the pleasure of a newfound love. Pairing breathy tones with deep bass beats on Frozen, Sabrina juxtaposes the passage of time with the concentrated moment of being in embrace of a lover. Beautifully exemplifying the transcendental moments of love with playful lyricism, each song warms the heart of the listener.

I’m not ignoring your feelings
But right now it’s just hard to put yours in front of mine.

Blossoming in the arms of a lover, Sabrina recognizes the varying degrees of relationships, dwelling on communication in Stand Still. Hours are counted by arguments and dissatisfaction, rather than seconds and minutes. Even deeper, Claudio craves for sovereignty, placing time constraints on connection, illustrated in Wait.

Unravel Me does a phenomenal job disguising the rebirth of self in reverberating tones of sensuality. Even in the pains of post heartbreak, Sabrina doesn’t stray far from her lustful harmony. Used To, propels the listener into the future with its up-tempo flow, caught Claudio in waves of reminiscence and regret. Pumping her vocals with a clearer voice, she invokes strength from the past, leading to a more confident future.

Compiling all of her thoughts, emotions and years into one, Sabrina Claudio beautifully expresses her connection to time and its role in maturing relationships on her debut album. An ode to lovers, a pledge of independence, and a soulful remembrance of love’s emotions, her tracks surrender to the hours lost and all of the wonderful experiences still waiting to occur.

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