Bad news — there will be no Facebook

It was a very unpleasant surprise for us that Facebook won’t grant read_stream permission for any iOS or Android developer.

This is the only one permission that could allow application get and store the user’s newsfeed. And it is unavailable for everyone. Moreover, they even threaten to block us if we “will try to find the way to work around it”

Facebook Developers administrators said that “this is a business decision”.

We’re very disappointed by this fact because we spent the huge amount of time on development the Facebook plugin. Despite that my thought about that restriction can’t be explained by words rated lower than 21+ and the fact of trashing two months of development, we still have VK, Baidu and other social networks that have much better API that we could use to provide our users with the best ever experience of listening to their social feeds. Now we will just advise our users to switch to other social networks that we already have a connection to.

Concerning Facebook… well, I’ve just taken my black notebook and wrote there the second paragraph: “Facebook — connection price will start from any number tailed with six zeroes before delimiter depending on my current mood”.

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