SPEGetToKnow — After Graduation Path: Overview Postgraduated and Entrepreneurship Path

On Friday (8/09/17), SPE ITB SC, HMTM “PATRA” ITB and IATMI SM ITB conducted After Graduation Path: Overview Postgraduated and Entrepreneurship Path at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Building, ITB. This event was held because students need more insight by senior that has been graduated and know more about future careers. This speakers on this event are, Mr. Nangkok Lampatar Silitonga, S.T, Mr. Dendy Rindani, S.T. and Mr. Rudi. They gave many beneficial information and tips about postgraduated, entrepreneurship path and also share their experience in looking for a job.

In this two-hour sharing about “After Graduation Path”, first Mr. Nangkok shared his experience when he still student. He join a test to be employeed by Chevron and CNOOC but the result is no success. On the other hand, while he apply a job for Mitsubishi Corporation he success and accepted as a programmer. He told us that the key is never give up and also be a honest-man. He suggest us to be person who always want to learn more and more. He also explain us about plus and minus working with oil and gas companies. That plus are, pride and genuine dream prior to decide to join TM-ITB, Implementing all the study and learning in the right field and also Oil and gas is one of the best remuneration and benefit among other industries. Beside that there are minus if we working with oil and gas companies. That minus are, limited vacancy and field location not accessible. Important thing that told by Mr. Nangkok are we must fluent in English, learn about psychotest, train yourself when interviewed, knowing the company that you want to join and don’t forget to expand your network.

The second speaker is Mr. Dendy. He explain different with Mr. Nangkok. He give us new insight that petroleum engineer bachelor not always join Oil and Gas companies. Mr. Dendy offer to us to break the rules and out of our comfort zone. He suggest us to be an entrepreneur like him. Many benefit if we become an entrepreneur. For example is our fee more than fee in oil and gas industries because multiple income and investment. Also, we have more time to maintain our business and investment. Mr. Dendy also give us suggest if we still students. He suggest us to learn about stock.

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