The Law of the Land has caught up with the Law of the Lord
adam nicholas phillips

Hi my fellow friend. Be careful of what you say and what you teach people. The Bible say cursed to those who teach wrong things to others. The real Christianity do not allow gay or lesbian. And if you say Christianity allow more than 1 wife or every unexplained thing u say which is not in Bible, you are wrong. We can see that every Bible character who has more than 1 wife except she is passed or cheat have a bad future or it cause some curse. And in Genesis Lord create only a man and a woman… there is no a man with a man or a woman with a woman. And if that prove is still jot enough let us imagine if every humans are gay or lesbian…. Human will die and extinct!. Be careful of what you teach because in the final day, there will be a lot of people shout Father Father, didnt we do miraculous thing etc. And at that time Father will say go away! And dont translate the Bible by yourself, human mind are limited while God is unlimited. The old things doesnt always mean it should be to change, but its because its what keep the balance of this world. What do you say is already contradict with other Psalm of the Bible! You already walk on the wrong path. And God word never contradict, and what do you say is based on your own opinion and thouht.

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