From faster machine start-up to increased visibility of your workflows, Spell continues to streamline your Machine Learning pipeline.

Start Runs from Repositories with Uncommitted Changes

Spell automatically syncs uncommitted changes and use those changes as a git patch within your run. We provide a link that enables you to download the changes from your web console. Iterate…

We asked an AI to write about the future, here’s what it has to say and the steps we took to build it.

by Kathryn Lawrence

TL;DR (or if you don’t care how it’s built, and just want to read some articles about the future written by AI): Yes, the magazine can write itself, but it still needs a human publisher. Check it out at

The source material for this Spell-enabled project…

It’s April and spring has come to New York City and Spell. We have a bunch of big new features we’re launching this month. Head to to test them out and tell us what you think!

Spell Cluster Management

Since we announced Dedicated Clusters in January we’ve been onboarding customers and starting…


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