Did you know that spells need a source of positive energy to work? It’s true and if you have a love and money spell it’s very important it can feed from your positive energies!

The mistake many do is having spells cast and thinking everyone else might have it hard but you will see results fast. You simply must consider cleansing your aura and karma if you are serious about seeing results from spells. We all attract negative energies and they will disturb and block the work of spells. When you cleanse your aura and karma, you remove these bad energies and you attract positive energies. This is what I believe is the most important part of a successful spell.

A cleansing also helps to remove nightmares, improves luck and helps you connect with good people.

So do not hesitate if you are serious about results: cleanse your aura and karma today

 High-Priestess Doris