Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

The writeup should have also mentioned Uber’s shortcomings with respect to the Americans with Disabilities Act/related laws. Not only is that an issue I’d love to learn more about, but it’s an important thing to consider when making your mind up about the ethics of the company. Uber is sidestepping the regulation by classifying itself as a “technology company, not a transportation service”. Bullocks. Who here would say Uber is not a transportation company?

From Uber’s landing page, the company which claims it’s not a transportation service to dodge ADA compliance.

It’s more complicated than that, an uberASSIST program is underway to try and address the need in some way, and an excellent response on Medium says compliance issues are actually from disparate municipal laws, not specifically the ADA. As far as I’m concerned the company is not operating on a level playing field, and their tactics on evading compliance feel disingenuous.

I’ve now written a dedicated post on the topic :

I am not a lawyer, and these are just my opinions.

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