Lux Interactive Wins with “Clean Assist” — Kugadi Design Challenge

Spencer Ash
3 min readApr 7, 2017


Lux Interaction is a digital creative agency specializing in user-centric interactive design, and building strong brand identities. Launching in March, 2017 the creative team wins their first design award within just weeks of opening its doors. (View the Case Study)

The Challenge

Up to now, managing workforces of employees such as janitors or security guards poses a great headache for employers, since it is challenging to keep track of where employees are at any given time. Because of this, companies have to staff supervisors at every location, which creates significant overhead.

Additionally, there is no streamlined process to gather data on the workforce’s shifts, arrival and departure times, hours worked, tasks completed, and issues reported. There is also a lack of communication between the employees and managers, so a lot of tasks go undone, which creates customer service issues.

In seeking to address this problem within the Janitorial Service industry, Kugadi (a mobile workforce management company) initiated a design challenge — where the company asked User Experience and Product Designers to create an innovative product that would allow managers to know where roving employees are at any given time and to verify if they are doing their job correctly.

The application (a mobile app build for the Android Platform) would allow for one remote manager to supervise multiple locations at a time, communicate with the janitors to make sure tasks are completed, provide site specific tasks and instructions, and ensure that any issues that arise during an employee’s shift are taken care of right away.

The Design

View the Case Study here.

About Lux Interaction

Launched in March 2017, Lux Interaction is a Miami based digital creative agency specializing in user-centric interactive design, and building strong brand identities. The Lux team has a passion for looking at things from different perspectives and turning ideas into innovative products with an emphasis on user-centered design.

About Kugadi

Kugadi is a mobile workforce management platform that allows managers to track their employees — helping them cut costs by reducing the amount of time and people it takes to manage employees by facilitating efficient reporting, and improving customer service by keeping track of employees and making them accountable for their tasks.

View the Case Study Here:



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