5 scary-true things to look out for in 2017

So someone is turning 40 in an age where Trump wins, not Love. Where the political and economic dismantling of an era of oil finds and oil dominance is no longer a distant possibility but the very definition of the future. Where tourism is no longer a simple alternative for late-blooming customer-unfriendly Caribbean islands due to terror in the skies, need for free in-flight WIFI and other reliable services, seasonal and demand prices for flights, Ubers, and TripAdvisor.

Several of the Caribbean’s ‘old’ countries have already celebrated their half century of freedom from the Queen — Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana. Yet still some islands survive clinging to memories of past references of when the sun never set on all of the entire English Empire, such was its vast span, spreading over cultures, and time zones with impunity.

What are 40 years of sunshine, paved roads and blue skies? In 2017, get ready for the following:

  • Subject Matter Expertise — It will pay off this year, the dedication and commitment to learning new and much-needed experience in feels such as Operations Management, Facility Management, Maintenance Systems, Investment and Portfolio Management. This will be the year of re-tooling and reworking as many businesses simply won’t be able to afford closing down.
  • Video Experience — It will no longer be a hack’s way to learn new stuff. Everyone will be watching and taking notes from the myriad of videos in the business and social world. Complex concepts and distant lands will be moments away from becoming part of your mind and heart. The Caribbean experience will no longer be one of waiting on the consultant to give some talk in a fancy hotel — we will teach ourselves, thank you very much.
  • Recurrent Revenue — This is tricky. It requires a world view and a curiosity to explore what lies beyond the current village or town of thousands you sit in. It means investing in your community, in yourself and learning to wait for the trends to play out. The borrower becomes a lender and the frugal are avidly seeking returns and bigger pots to cook more money.
  • Niche Dominance — That eco-tourist who is vegan sexual and lactose intolerant will be welcomed and expected in the Caribbean. This year will push down doors of old phobias and scant tolerance in favor of embracing every individual who finds themselves on the Caribbean’s doorstep.
  • Leadership Skill Training — Finally that overly exuberant, hyper aware honey bee of a youthful boss/colleague/subordinate/team member will be won over to the discipline of learning to lead. It will make sense now to invest in teaching persons who are the stars of the organization to actually learn the techniques and qualities of infallible leadership.

Choosing the most key of Forbes list to relate to the Caribbean business life, this list is by no means exhaustive. It is just a start, what we can leave ourselves open to and the obvious wins we could make this year.