Is Porn a Problem?
Gentle Path At The Meadows

Alright. I agree with your viewpoint on Pornography and how it is destructive and that it, indeed, is addictive, but I feel that it should be seen as more of a threat to ourselves and our families. I feel that porn is a HUGE addiction and can become as addictive as some hard drugs. When we see a pornographic image, a “natural drug” called dopamine is released in our brains and it makes us feel that “high”. Feeling this over and over will destroy us. I know that even the smallest bit of porn, even for a few minutes, can start to distort our view of women and of relationships. This is so sad. It really breaks my heart and because of this, I want to be an active fighter of this new drug, pornography. It is so addictive and so dangerous. It can destroy us mentally, spiritually, financially and socially. Single or married, it will ruin our relationships or any future relationship that we would wish to start. We will be distorted forever. I do know that there is always a way out and that is through our trust in God and in our active fighting against it. We can’t be passive in this fight. I know that the way I see girls and women is changed and distorted every single picture that I see. Accident or not. That is another danger. Porn is so accessible now. It is super frustrating. We can go on to Instagram and see a ton of horrible pictures. One click or touch away. Snapchat, someone can send you a bad image and you can see it, but only for 10 seconds. That is so dangerous. How many bad things can people think up? Social media isn’t all bad, but it is a very easy way to get thrown into the trap of pornography as a young kid. How sad. I am willing to fight the fight! I hope that as many people as possible will join in the fight against the new drug Pornography!

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