Digility: Digital Realities at Photokina 2018

Five quotes from Digility 2018:

If motion makes you sick you’re too old!

Augmented Reality is THE human computer interface

AR and VR means the death of paper manuals

AI: There has never been this speed of development in human history

Departments can order and install VR just like any other IT equipment request.

Shared Out of Home VR experiences such as this Foosball-VR hybrid point the way to XR enhancing a night out.

VR for training robots, AI for space

360, the Bigger Picture

Insta360Pro 2: attenSHUN
Facebook and RED’s Manifold 360 6dof camera

More Tools for VR authoring, with the emphasis on native

This was made in Quill, Facebook’s VR paint and animate tool

VR starts to stand alone

Still finding it hard to look suave in a VR headset

Web XR is developing, standardising, improving — but it’s still a mess!

“With just one link you can use the biggest distribution system in existence”

Dr Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga from Samsung Internet

An Augmented Reality check

With numbers like these- how could AR possibly fail..?

“The Internet of Things exists to add digital capabilities and behaviours to physical things in the world around us, and the reason we do this, is because its cheaper than not doing it”

Bond Truluv’s AR graffiti
I nearly managed to make it through the article without a Black Mirror reference….nearly.
The Uber wasn’t what I expected…
For@BBC Blue Room



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