This post continues the summer 2018 Q&A series, an effort to introduce the world to the Engineering team at Optimizely. If you missed it, consider checking out the introductory post by our VP of Engineering. If you’re interested in joining the team, we’ve over a dozen openings in SDKs (SF one and two), app backend (SF and Austin), distributed systems (SF and Austin), management (SF and Austin), and more.

Tell us about yourself! What’s your name, what do you do at Optimizely, and how long have you been here? Tell us a bit about your trajectory to get here.

Hello! My name is Spencer and I’m an engineer at Optimizely. I first learned about the company while prepping for a job fair during my senior year at the University of California, San Diego, where I met my future manager, Jenny Lin. I interned here in summer 2016 working on our web app frontend, returned to school in the fall for my final quarter, took a brief hike through the Andes in Peru, and started full-time in January 2017. I was given a generous offer to join whatever team interested me, which led me to our Web Client team. We maintain “the snippet”: the third-party JavaScript that powers most of the A/B/n-way testing and personalization on the web. I’ve also been lending support to our Full Stack SDKs, as well as to the Python application that our customers use to manage both their Web and Full Stack experimentation. …


Spencer Wilson

Jazz bassist, aspiring chef, and engineer at Optimizely. Interested in software architecture, OSes, and reverse engineering. Currently playing with Rust.

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