How to Dominate Social Media

Hint: You’re Not Posting Enough

Liking, commenting, posting and retweeting are commonly used terms thanks to social media. Social media platforms have been a part of our lives for several years now and they continue to grow more and more every day. We often find ourselves spending countless hours at a time scrolling through our news feed. It was even reported that in 2017, the average person spent around 135 minutes per day on social media.

Thanks to social media’s massive user database, it seems like it would be easy to take advantage of these platforms to easily advertise our businesses. I mean, if a 20-year-old “influencer” can make several hundred thousand dollars a year posting a simple picture, and if a picture of an egg can break the world record for the most liked Instagram picture with over 50 Million likes, it seems like a business or brand should easily be able to gain a few sales or gain a small following without any trouble. However, as many can attest, this task is not as easy as it may seem.

Whether you are trying to grow your business following or become a social media influencer, if you follow the steps below, you are guaranteed to dominate social media and grow your following in no time.

1. Post, Post, Post…and Post!

While it may feel like you are being obnoxious by posting frequently, this is actually a major key to growing your social media following. You can never post enough. If people like your content enough to follow you, they will want to see it more often. By increasing your post frequency, you have the potential to greatly increase your following. No matter how much you are posting, you can always find a way to post more.

Note: Don’t be discouraged if you lose followers at first. You will have to weed out your fake fans before discovering your real ones.

2. Engage Your Audience

While posting content is great, if you really want to grow your following, you need to make your audience feel like you care about them. You do this by constantly engaging your audience. Go around and like some posts from other users. Even better, take the time to comment a thoughtful, sincere comment on someone’s post. If you see someone comment on your post, try your best to comment back. By doing this, you show your audience that you are not just there for the numbers, but that you are there because you care about each individual follower.

3. Post Quality Content

When it comes to posting frequently, it can be so easy to forget about the quality of your content because you become so fixated on the number of times you post a day. Don’t let this happen to you. Quality is always better than quantity. However, when it comes to social media, you need both quality and quantity. Every single thing you post should in some way be beneficial to your followers. If it is not benefiting them, why would they care to look at it?

4. Don’t Monetize…Yet

It can be so easy to get stuck on the idea of making money from social media, but this should be the last thing on your mind when trying to grow your following. No one wants to be sold to, especially from an account that they don’t trust yet. Take the time to grow your following and their trust before attempting to monetize your content. Once you are large enough, you can attempt to sell to your audience, but still remain cautious. A user can tell when they are being sold to and they usually don’t appreciate it when it happens.

5. Don’t Isolate Yourself to One Platform

When starting out on social media, most people try to limit themselves to one or two social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. While this may seem like the right thing to do, I recommend against it. If you are serious about growing your following, take the time to use more than one platform. If you do so, you will more than likely find that you succeed on one platform, but completely fail on another. This is because different platforms prefer different types of content. If you limit yourself to one platform in the beginning, you risk failing and missing out on success.

Tip: When using more than one platform, it is important to remain active on every platform you use. Don’t neglect one unless you truly don’t intend on using it.

If you correctly use these five tips mentioned in this article, I promise that you will begin to see growth in your following. If you are serious, treat social media like it is a job and put in the hard work that it deserves.

Good luck and keep at it!

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