Hint: Effective Communication is Key

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We sadly live in a day and age where our fears of active shooters and domestic terrorism are not irrational fears. In fact, one poll even states that in 2019, “48% [of the US] worried about being [a] victim of mass shooting”. This reality has allowed for much political debate on gun control and school safety. However, there is much more debate than action towards guaranteeing a safer environment at schools. This is because the only two solutions to this issue that are debated are either stricter gun control or having more armed guards/armed teachers at each school. …

A story about my short-lived YouTube career

Kids used to dream of becoming a firefighter or a veterinarian, but nowadays, they dream of becoming a famous YouTuber. However, it isn’t only children that are dreaming of being a famous YouTuber, it’s also teens, college students, and adults. This is because there are thousands of YouTubers making a full-time living simply by creating and posting fun videos online.

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It sounds so simple — All you have to do is make fun, entertaining videos that people love and you can make thousands of dollars on YouTube. The secret is finding your niche that isn’t already saturated with other YouTubers…

Blockchain + Decentralization = More Secure Data

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The foundation of the internet has been built upon the use of storing and sharing data with users. At its’ core, the internet is simply one massive tool to share data. Data, whether it’s in the form of text, images, videos, or music, is being shared at an unfathomable rate across different internet-based platforms. With the increase in data/file sharing comes the increase in data theft. In 2018 alone, approximately 5 billion records were compromised and stolen from cyber attacks that were due to a lack of security and encryption.

Cloud computing and storage is a revolutionary data tool that…

Why is there no edit button?

Twitter is arguably one of the greatest creations of the 21st century. Ever since it’s public release in 2006, they have grown exponentially and have worked to continually improve their social media platform. They have grown to over 326 million monthly users that post on average 500 million TWEETS A DAY (don’t humans have something better to do?). However, no matter how many features they add to their platform, there still seems to be one key feature missing — the ability to edit a tweet after you publish it.

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If we have learned anything from President Trump’s Twitter account, it…

Hint: You’re Not Posting Enough

Liking, commenting, posting and retweeting are commonly used terms thanks to social media. Social media platforms have been a part of our lives for several years now and they continue to grow more and more every day. We often find ourselves spending countless hours at a time scrolling through our news feed. It was even reported that in 2017, the average person spent around 135 minutes per day on social media.

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Thanks to social media’s massive user database, it seems like it would be easy to take advantage of these platforms to easily advertise our businesses. I mean, if a…

For years, large corporations have taken advantage of cloud computing as a means to expand their businesses. However, up until recently, cloud computing was too expensive and not reliable enough for small business to adopt these same technological standards. As cloud computing becomes more affordable and more reliable, the number of small business migrating to this technology has continued to increase year after year. This has given small businesses access to technology that was previously out of their reach.

While the number of small businesses that migrate to cloud computing continues to increase, many are still hesitant to make the…

A Guide To Afford Your Morning Cup of Coffee

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When I first left my home to start my college career, I was afraid about how I was going to make an income. I knew there was always the option of getting a part-time job, either on-campus or off-campus, especially considering I am a part-time barista back home and have the skill set that most coffee shops are looking for. However, I was planning on taking 18–21 hours per semester and knew that I did not have the time to balance school work, social life, and a part-time job. While I know that this balance is do-able, considering plenty of…

Yes, it’s too good to be true

Most of us have been approached by at least one or more persons with a “once in a lifetime opportunity to change your life by replacing your income with passive income”. These recruiters promise to take your boring, 9–5, low-income job and replace it with a life full of free trips, free cars, little-to-no work and early retirement. …

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