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So you want to learn React Native? Here’s 12 exercises to that will help you do that.

The post is inspired by a free self-paced workshop I’ve created. If you’re interested in guided instructions, solutions, and extra exercises check it out!

Exercise 1: Hello, World!

The classic starter project. Render a square with a background color. Inside of the square render the text “Hello, world”.

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Exercise 2: Capturing Taps

An app isn’t much if a user can’t interact with it. The most basic form of interaction is capturing a user’s tap (or press) on a screen. …

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v0.59 of React Native is a big deal. It…

  1. Adds support of hooks
  2. Is a big push towards the “Lean Core” initiative
  3. Improves developer tooling

With that, I wanted to spend some time walking through how to upgrade (it’s easy!), how to upgrade in the future, and handling changes.

This post was originally published at React Native School. If you’re interested in learning more about React Native be sure to visit! New articles weekly!

How to Upgrade

React Native is putting its foot down on what the proper way to upgrade React Native is and I’m happy to see the community unifying around one solution. …

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Nothing beats getting real feedback from your users — but how should you go about capturing that feedback? In this tutorial we’ll discuss when you should prompt them, how you should prompt them, and what tools you can use to capture that feedback.

This tutorial was originally published on React Native School. Give it a visit if you want to see 75+ React Native tutorials!

I’ve got a pet peeve — when apps ask for feedback/a review at bad times/in bad ways:

  • When I first open the app
  • In the middle of an important action (like checking out)
  • They hijack my screen and don’t let me do anything unless I do their feedback thing

Thanks to Instabug for sponsoring this lesson! If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to capture user feedback, bug reports, crash reports, and more check them out! …


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