React Native + Meteor Boilerplate

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing a weekly blog post about various aspects of developing React Native applications that interface with a Meteor backend.

Here’s a basic series related to authentication:

  1. Easily Connect React Native to a Meteor Server
  2. Meteor Authentication from React Native
  3. Password Hashing for Meteor React Native

I’ve really enjoyed the process of research, writing, and the feedback I’ve gotten. I want to continue this process for the foreseeable future but I’ve found myself building and rebuilding a fair amount of boilerplate code.

So this week I looked at some larger React Native projects from the community and projects I’ve been involved with and started to pull out the strong points. I want this project to serve as a simple starting point for React Native + Meteor applications that works on both iOS and Android.

So, let’s collaborate and make this a great starting point for future tutorials and projects. You can view the project on Github.

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Originally published at on February 24, 2016.