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How they should’ve launched

The InVision team was slated to launch its game changing product design software: InVision Studio on January 1, 2018. After sending out a beautiful montage promo, with fast paced music and matte black space suits, potential customers were primed to receive the product. Months went by and the product is still only available to a small fraction of those that signed up.

Many product launches have issues, so why is InVision Studio particularly frustrating?

Waitlist + Referrals = Viral Loyalty

When Robinhood launched it’s fee-free trading app, it already amassed a huge following because it combined a waitlist with a referral system.

“ Combining our waitlist with a referral system was crucial — we took the people who were most excited about Robinhood, and gave them an easy way to spread that excitement to their friends.” …

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With today’s updates to Realiti News, it’s easier than ever to listen to human-narrated audio news, by just tapping a button.

I’m working hard to make listening to human-narrated audio news as easy as pressing a button. Usually, this means purchasing an expensive $39 subscription to a literary magazine and using an old app that doesn’t really prioritize the news listening experience. But starting today, Realiti News now makes it possible to listen to publications for only $5 a month with a new look that makes finding and choosing a news source as easy as scrolling up or down and pressing a button.

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Just scroll, tap, and play.

New card-style

To start listening to the news, just scroll through the home page and click on a news button. …

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What driving the future will look like.

In 2017, Tesla launched the mid-priced Model 3 with huge success. Some believe that the electric car company will take steps toward reinventing the automobile away from its analog past to a more computerized hardware and software platform. The pressing question is:

How will Tesla design the user interface of its new operating system?

Will it be a closed OS with native software or will Tesla open up the platform with an SDK? …


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