Rebooting the Medium Identity
Maria Gonzalez

I get that Medium is trying to go for a NYT, WSJ, Atlantic, New Yorker look, but it doesn’t really capture what Medium is for the users.

Medium is the modern, new way to publish your thoughts online. Wordpress was old, stodgy, stuffy, like print, and other lifeless old communication forms. But Medium is full of color, life, honesty, and real perspectives on meaning, etc. Its algorithm promotes long reads, and doesn’t favor publications over quality content. What happened?!

Is it due to the whole, “how are we going to get people to pay publishers so they will stay” question, that Ev hashed out?

I agree with Ev. From the looks of it, I just disagree that the designers at Medium did a good job here. Medium is like a Social Network and a Publishing Platform. Social is fun! Where’s the fun?!

Here’s what’s needed:

1.) Color

2.) Don’t copy news publications (I.e. originality

3.) Fun

The new logo and app icon is simply not fun. Whereas Instagram went overboard on the fun, Medium took all the fun away. Bring the fun logo back please! :)