Stuck in Plato’s Cave: Why Isn’t There More Progress in Philosophy?
1517 Fund

Philosophy is an affection for seeing the world as it really is.

Plato’s argument is that philosophy is a way of life, or as the Greek actually denotes “love (philo) of truth (sophia)”.

Progress is a modern philosophy that states improvement as the Good, without defining the standard of Good that we must aspire too.

In order to make progress we must know what we need to progress toward; we must go back to First Principles to figure out what is it that we as humans truly seek.

Plato claims that at our root, all humans seek after the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, but sometimes do so in perverted ways—seeking the lesser in stead of the greater, the shallow over depth, the mere appearance of knowledge, without the actual substance of Truth.

I like what the 1517 Fund stands for because it’s all about seeking, not the Shadow, but the true Form of Truth, not the signal, diploma, or piece of paper, but the actual Education that all schooling merely pretends to offer.

In Plato’s Symposium he argues that education is non-transferrable from one human to another. One must love truth inside one’s self, above appearing wise, and only then can True education begin. Who can teach love?