The Inadequacies of the Invincible
1517 Fund

The problem with Stoicism is that it sees feeling as an obstacle, but it misses that the Good Life is a passionate affection for the Truth.

Love is not an obstacle to truth, it is the love of Truth that liberates us to live free from the tyrant of the Self.

Stoicism is the fantastic foil of victimhood; it liberates the Self to control what one can manage, to worry about only what the freedom of the will has jurisdiction over, to not let pain become a master, but to master pain with resolve.

But is not the Self a tyrannical master to be feared as well?

In many ways Stoicism is the first philosophy of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington, both former slaves that used the human Will to break the bondage of victimhood; it is a powerful humanistic philosophy of freedom from the power of human and ideological tyrants, but it does not inspire one with a love for the Truth. It merely enthrones the Self above an external tyrant.

To do Education means to liberate oneself from external human and ideological authorities, not as a way to free the Self, but as a way to submit restless Self to the sovereignty of Truth, to care not for the fading glory of empowerment, but to love the eternal weight of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that outlasts even mortality.