Seeing the Other
Adam LaFleche

Very well written Adam! I usually don’t enjoy longer posts but was unable to stop reading. Some random thoughts that sprung up while reading:

“My primary role as a teacher is to prepare my students for a future that I cannot imagine nor predict” — as someone as knowledgeable in history as you, I don’t think that statement is entirely valid. History repeats itself and a lot can be learned from the same disparity that occurred around The Industrial Revolution. My guess is you can imagine a clearer picture of the future than most and teaching people “how to think” via philosophy is a great first step. Anything that gives people a framework for making better decisions is A+ in my book.

I think you place more blame on the internet than you should (and would love to debate this more IRL). Before the internet, public opinion was just as easily swayed. The biggest difference is it was being done by a select few who owned the media. If anything, the internet actually levels the playing field. Now, the “thought leaders”, bloggers, and political nerds actually have an opportunity to be heard. Where I see major faults is in peoples inability to let their decisions be the product of their own conclusions.

You should start a blog that investigates both sides of stories and presents them in a non-biased way! Keep writing for P3 :-)


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