Is a Smart Gun a Safe Gun?
An Anonymous Group of Students Who Wish to Be Anonymous

Great job on this essay. I thought you guys did a really good job of explaining the topic in depth from many points of view. I had no clue there was such a range of smart gun technology. From RFID chip bracelets and implants to finger print scanners and grip sensors, there seems to be a lot of innovation in this field. As a gun owner and hunter, back in Ohio, I would be very interested in trying one of these guns out. But, I do agree with the head of the NRA in that I do not think they should be exclusively selling smart guns. I believe that this would definitely cause the problems you raised concern about, such as increase in black market trading, the possibility of remote shutdown, and the temperamental nature of electronic systems. I do think this could be a gateway into a new customer base for the gun industry though. People who previously refrained from gun ownership because of having children would now be able to purchase one knowing that they will be the only person able to use it.

These weapons could have major impacts on crime rates in this country, as you pointed out. It would create a situation where every gun is tied to the identity of the owner and if it is used, it must have been the owner who used it. This would help law enforcement solve crimes a lot faster and easier, but more importantly, it would reduce crime rates as a result. Also, it would eliminate the possibility of someone taking your weapon and using it on you. These, along with other reasons, are why some people are such strong advocates for the change. But, it is my belief that the middle-ground is where we should stay. Having smart gun technology available on the market alongside regular guns won’t have as a drastic effect as enforcing their use, but it will have some effect. And, that effect will come without the cost of placing restrictions on the liberties of our citizenry.

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