Round 3 — Prep for an Airline Flight

Airline ticket, check. Boarding pass, check. Bags packed, check. Boxing lessons, check, check.

Strange things are happening on airline flights. One passenger comes to the defense of a woman, and is challenged to a fight by a flight attendant. On another flight, a drunk passenger starts a fight with another passenger who knows how to fight. Big mistake. And while disembarking from a flight in Burbank, another fight broke out between two passengers. If that happens to me, I’m (sort of) ready.

I have learned a lot from Anthony, Antwan, Eric and Mike. I’m on a personal, three times a week schedule at the TITLE Boxing Club in Evanston. The encouragement from the four trainers, and owner Paige Hopkins, has been incredible.

I have gained strength, stamina and improved coordination from the cardio, boxing and work on the core. I feel terrific when I have a swinging heavy bag. In Round 3 I focused on technique. And there are speed drills that are important, challenging me to maintain technique at a faster pace.

And as always, there were women training who could beat the crap out of me.

I asked Anthony if what I learned was applicable if I was challenged to a street fight. I commented that I wouldn’t have time to wrap my hands, which I now do myself, and put on the gloves. He said the techniques I learned would help. Then he added not to hit with a closed fist. Leave the hands open and use the heel of my palm. And a good kick to the knee always helps.

At the end of the hour, I am very sweaty. Off to home for a shower, dinner and a beer(s).

I encourage anyone who wants an outstanding fun, stress alleviating, exercise program to visit TITLE Boxing Club at 1031 Davis Street in Evanston. You can try it without risk. The staff will provide gloves. Your only purchase will be hand wraps. For more information email Paige at or call 847–733–0850.

Hope to see you at the club!