Sell More With Instagram Stories

Your New Sales Channel

If you’re not taking advantage of Instagram stories, now is the time to start.

Recent updates allow you to add links to your stories, making them a powerful marketing tool.

Benefits Of Stories

  1. New sales channel.
  2. Announce sales, discount codes, or new products.
  3. Additional engagement with your followers.
  4. Increase clicks to your profile.

How To Get Started

  1. Requirements: Switch to an Instagram business account if you haven’t already. You can do so from your Instagram Account Settings.
  2. Choose A Photo. Instagram only allows photos from the past 24 hours. To use an older photo, simply take a screenshot of it and it will appear as a new photo.
  3. Link It! After choosing the photo, you will see an icon that looks like this “🔗” on the left side of the top bar. Tap it to add a link to your story.
  4. Post It! Enter your Spreesy store link or a link to a specific product. Post!

Now viewers will be able to “Swipe Up” to open the link in your story.


  1. Announce New Products. Post an image or video of your new product. For the link, enter your product’s direct link such as
  2. Announce Discount Codes. Post an image of the discount code or simply enter the discount code as text. For the link, enter your Spreesy store URL such as

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Spencer Costanzo, Co-Founder Spreesy