Will Rio Be Targeted By Terrorists?

Photo Credit: Reuters/ Ricardo Moraes

Is there a terrorist opportunity in Rio with the low expectations for security?

In a word, Yes.

1. With very little involvement in foreign counter-terror actions, Brazil is largely ill-equipped to handle terror concerns and often chooses to treat any terror threat as a crime concern rather than a military mandate. (Source: http://ow.ly/q7eJ301Yyhu)

2. The Brazilian police force as a whole is largely corrupt, untrained, poorly paid, and ill equipped. (Source: http://ow.ly/KtM0301YxXc)

3. Direct threats from the Islamic State naming Brazil as a target have already been vetted as credible: “A tweet threatening Brazil sent in November by Maxime Hauchard, a French national identified as an executioner in Islamic State propaganda videos, was determined to be genuine. “Brazil, you are our next target,” the tweet said.” (Source:http://ow.ly/XyGo301YxJZ)

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