Asking Unavailable Women Out

I got a simple email the other day and figured it would make a great blog post since so many men and women could benefit from the answer.

The question was from a guy that asked how he would go about asking a girl out that is already in a relationship, or in other words UNAVAILABLE.

If you are stuck up on someone that’s taken, it shows that you are in a scarcity mindset. That is believing their isn’t an abundance of men or women out there. Thinking that the person that is in a relationship is “the one” and there isn’t anyone else.

I remember when I had this thought pattern. It was definitely destructive. I would have feelings for someone who is unavailable. This got me emotionally stressed because I believed that there was no one else out there like this one special girl. I would contemplate on how I would ask her out when she was available, which never came.

While dating is a numbers game, the amount of women out there that you want and that also want you isn’t fantasy. Those women do exist and they are NOT TAKEN!

Available women are so much easier to connect with than ones that are thinking about screwing their current boyfriend.

That said, never ask a women out that is unavailable.

Go for women that are available, because in the end you’ll be so much happier with someone who doesn’t make you their rebound relationship, nor their tissue to sob on and dump their emotional baggage on.

Because deep down within my core, I truly believe that you are more than a tissue. :)

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