Wealth and Real Estate Expo with Tony Robbins, Pitbull, & Daymond John: Lessons and Insights

I came back from the Wealth and Real Estate Expo with Tony Robbins, Pitbull, & Daymond John which was a joy to attend.

I took notes on most of the people, and these were the most valuable out of the bunch.

Attending a seminar like this with high immersion is a change from the conventional sitting on your couch and learning this stuff through books.

That is what I enjoyed most from an experience like this. And I would highly suggest if you can make it to any type of seminar or high immersion location about something you are passionate about that you do that without hesitation.

The energy and vibes are just different!

Anyway, these are the some of the notes I took from the speakers I found the most value from.


Tony Robbins | Insights & Lessons

Three forces of creation: Focus, massive action, and grace or god.

Growth and Contribution are the two components that create lasting change, growth and fulfillment in your life.

Massive action is the cure all. If you have limiting beliefs, take action.

Making the decision to be in a beautiful state everyday. This not only positively affects you but others as well.

Find ecstasy in every moment.

Emotions are the ultimate resource.

Change your focus and you change how you feel

When you are in a better state, you will take more action, because the best of you is showing up.

Trade expectations for appreciation.

Two master skills for an extraordinary life: Science of Achievement and the Art of fulfillment

You don’t need a reason to celebrate, celebrate everyday. This is one thing that can help you get in peak state.

Daymond John | Insights & Lessons

Know who you are.

Three important DO’s: Figure out your passion, know your numbers, do it yourself.

Make investments based on your passion.

Make the person feel special.

Learn technology and apply it to your business. Med tech and health care are areas that are growing rapidly and massively.

Anticipation is the key to getting ahead.

Thoughts on social media

  • scanning other’s profiles is very useful
  • Look at people through social media. You look at people’s profiles and they wonder why you don’t call back.
  • Having a terrible social media profile will hurt you.
  • See what people who aren’t following you are saying about you. People that are following you will obviously give you great compliments, but people who don’t follow you give unbiased feed back that is unmatched.
  • Have 2–5 words that are congruent through out all your social media accounts. EX: Nike — Just Do It or White Castle — What You Crave

The number one this that stops people is fear of failure.

Invest in people, not company’s.

Find new ways, be creative.

Live a life without regret, don’t regret.

There is always success in learning.

Wealth Principles:

  • You have to believe it is possible
  • Think like the wealthy
  • Take action

Two biggest excuses people have:

  • I don’t know how and
  • I don’t have the resources (money for example)

Honor your time, it is precious. Time is the most valuable resource.

Celebrate every victory, it can be simple like a pat on your back.

It is the start that stops you.

S.Y.S.T.E.M acronym: Save Your Stress, Time, Energy, and Money

Finding vs Funding: money is made in the find.

80% of people who reach retirement age can’t retire.

Fun facts:

  • He was asked if he could have one super power and it was the ability to read minds.
  • Books he has read and recommends: Several Tony Robbins books, Think And Grow Rich, One Minute Manager, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Story of Genghis Khan.
  • His favorite entrepreneur — Jay Abraham
  • Daymond is also coming out with a new book he says will be titled: Rise and Grow

Pitbull | Insights & Lessons

Be a man of your word, always. Integrity is one of the ultimate resources.

Fight for security and stability.

Discipline is extraordinary when harnessed, learn discipline. He says sports teach discipline.

There are no short cuts to success, no magic bullet. Only hard work.

His saying is “next step, the white house”. Always striding for the next level.

Succeed is making, success is maintaining, and successful is made it.

Suc is in the word success. Success takes work and sometimes it is gonna suck.

Growing is hard, that’s why it is called growing pains.

Ask for money get advice, get advice and make money twice.

When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.

Freedom is what we are looking for.

you gotta appreciate opportunities.

your end can be your beginning.

There is no losing, only learning.

There is no failure, only feedback.

That wraps up my notes, take it easy.

And if you enjoyed these insights and lessons, please give me a heart! ❤

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