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If you reread the section you quoted, I was referring to all the evidence in the section when I wrote, “This is undeniably voter suppression,” not just the quote you cited. Nonetheless, I read every comment of the threads I cited (and many other threads), news articles, forums, audit and lawsuit reports, and so on for months; through it all, I did not read of voter suppression happening to a Clinton supporter. Could it have happened? Yes, but I did not see or hear of it. Yet, I heard of it overwhelmingly affecting Bernie Sanders supporters, which is extremely alarming. That’s why I included the quote.

Furthermore, there is a lot of evidence I didn’t include in the article, such as Clinton supporters being able to caucus without registering in Nevada. And the Colorado Democratic Party informing Hillary Clinton they miscounted a delegate, but not telling the Bernie Sanders campaign until the Denver Post uncovered it five weeks later. Or the mainstream news organizations adding pledged superdelegate tallies to the counted delegate totals, which discourages and misleads voters because superdelegates do not actually vote until the July convention. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz even told the media to not include them, but they still do it.

In addition, doesn’t “no evidence of tampering at all but the polls prove it” admit that I proved there was most likely electoral fraud?

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