A lot of nice speculation and innuendo… nice work!
Lee Burns

Sean McManus and Chris Cook said it perfectly. I recommend you reread the article, because I edited it a day after you posted this comment, which could change your opinion on it.

Nevertheless, it is not a conspiracy theory to say that our election results are unverifiable, because it’s just true. We are one of the only democracies that doesn’t use paper ballots hand-counted in public (or at least with each candidates’ representatives present). We used to do so, but we don’t anymore. This is partly why our elections rank dead last among long-established democracies, and exactly why our results are unverifiable.

Furthermore, the data I present is extremely suspicious no matter which party or candidate you support, so the truth should be pursued. If you don’t believe that electoral fraud was committed, then what is the harm in doing independent audits into the primaries? At the very least, all voters will be satisfied, knowing that our election results are verified; in the more likely scenario, electoral fraud will be uncovered. Either way, our democracy will be fairer and more just.

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