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The worst possible day

This is a semi brutal comedy about the dangers of everyday life.

The suburbs of Houston, a nice 2 story house, 2 kids and a wife, and a few cars. How much more secure of a life can there be for our protagonist. His name is Joe. He lives a plain Jane lifestyle by choice and is a happy man.

Joe flips on the television to check the news and finds there has been yet another mass shooting in his prideful, gun crazy, freedom loving country. He is saddened but not nearly to a normal human extent, he has been desensitized to the murder of innocent people. He changes the channel, a pregnant woman was killed savagely at no fault of her own in a DUI traffic accident. He shivers a little bit at the thought of his wife passing away. He changes the channel again, spongebob, he watches a few minutes, chuckles a little then proceeds to channel surfing once more. He comes across a news report of a dog being brutally beaten by its owner, who is now in federal custody, another story of a school shooting, another report on rape, he changes the channel just one more time before turning off the TV only to find a typical story of a drive by shooting that ended up killing 3 unarmed senior citizens.

This is Joe’s morning routine, he thinks nothing of it and therefore does not act on it. Joe sticks to the mentality which most people should, which is,” I might as well live my life because if something like this happens to me it’s either God’s will or there was nothing I could do.” This is a rather optimistic outlook but it is better than the constantly nervous counterpart.

Joe had no clue what he was in for on one particularly beautiful day a few years ago. He drops both of his daughters off at elementary school that morning and takes a quick drive home to get a few minutes with his wife before they both go to work. He has a relatively uneventful day until around 2:30 pm when he gets a phone call, his wife has just been killed in a car accident on her way home from her lunch break. He is told it is a probable DUI hit and run. He rushes to his kids school, only to find it is too late for even his daughters, there had been an active shooter in the school just minutes before his arrival and 32 kids including both of his were lost. He is falling apart at the seams by 3:00 pm the very same day. His entire immediate family was lost and now he gets a text. It simply says, “cat dead,” he did not believe his eyes. Even his pet cat, ironically named Fido, had died. He has become the exception of all exceptions and it wasn’t over yet. At around 6:00 Joe goes home expecting an empty house, only to find his 21 year old sister crying at his doorstep. She had been raped, and he got away. She told him this before running into the street in front of his house then proceeding to get hit by a bus. Joe will never remarry or be able to function socially ever again, but he stays hopeful that one day things will change. Until then, he waits in his den, in his vintage armchair, waiting.

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