If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

What you’re saying is that there’s a sizeable fraction of the population that won’t abide by the rule of law — because remember, impeachment only happens by due process. If that’s the case then the end of American democracy has already happened.

Now in practice, the likelihood of impeachment is vanishingly small, regardless of any high crimes and misdemeanors that may or may not be committed. So the discussion is largely moot. But what this piece provocatively suggests is that it’s a mistake to attempt to enforce unpopular laws, because people who believe in space aliens won’t stand for it.

There’s no mention of morality in this piece — it’s 100% realpolitik, warning readers that there could be a rural general strike. That’s the wrong reason to be making any kind of decision. The Selma march was unpopular and divisive, but it was also right. So was freeing the slaves.

I’m not commenting here on whether impeachment is or is not right in the current situation. But you’re not either. If it’s right, then the nation needs to make it happen, even if it makes a lot of people upset; if it’s not, then not.

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