Pray for (insert your town here)
Derrick Lemos

The whole thing about “if everyone had guns, we’d all be safe” is so absurd. Thanks for speaking out. I mean, if everyone in a room has a loaded gun, and one person whips it out, by the time someone else in the room can get out their own gun to stop him, the shooter has already murdered him. And do you think he cares whether or not he dies? He’s murdering people in public, for gosh sakes! He’ll probably commit suicide anyways. By the time someone shoots him (including himself) he’s already killed five people. Because everyone else has to react faster than he already has. His gun is out, so there’s absolutely no way you can beat him to the draw. By the time you draw your gun, he’s shot his, and possibly at you, if he notices that you are trying to pull a gun on him. So guns are futile.