This has gone too far.

I bet you haven’t heard about the shooting last weekend. I bet you don’t know how many people died. I bet you don’t even know where it was, or that it happened at all. For the record, 6 people have been killed in Kalamazoo County, Michigan on Saturday.

6 is a lot. It is too much. (Just for the record, 1 is too much.) Sure, it wasn’t as many as Columbine, Virginia Tech, or Sandy Hook. But it is 6 people who are dead. They are never coming back. Perhaps one of them would’ve founded the next big thing in tech. One of them could’ve made millions of dollars and donated it to a charity to end some Horrible Disease. And one of those 6 may even have been President of the United States.

But now they won’t. Who knows what could’ve happened to them later in life. But no. All we know now is that they are dead.

And we, as Americans, killed them.

Because we haven’t cared to stop mass shootings. We haven’t cared enough to amend the second amendment. Some insane white guys seize federal property, which is a FELONY, and we just sit around and wait for them to drive to town for groceries, then arrest them at a traffic stop. Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Columbine were big stories. Now all the media cares about is Donald Trump and Justice Scalia’s Senate seat. We haven’t stopped the senseless slaughter of Americans by a piece of metal that people love more than their children. Now someone kills people, and it simply fades to white noise against a cacophony of useless media.

Some people think that the government will come after us if we can’t have guns. I say that’s useless. If the government comes to your doorstep and requests you do something “unreasonable” such as pay your taxes or go to jail and you respond by shooting him, you are now an outlaw. The government will send more and more people to arrest you and put you in the padded room where you belong, until you cannot match their sheer force with your guns. We have the most powerful military in the world; what makes you think you can stop it on your own?

Flat out, this does not work. Our government is ridiculously attached to firearms because Murica. I say this is too much. If you disagree, well good for you, because you are on the winning side of this battle.

Spencer B. Johnson is probably not someone you know, but hitting that heart would really make his day. Thanks for reading this far.

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