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I swear, they never get bored of this one.

First reported on back in 1970 and further documented about in “Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia”, this is not the first time we’ve seen this occur. The most recent reappearance, prior to the 1970 mention, was back in 2015, with the Military Training Operation Jade Helm 15, of whom the majority of participants were Special Forces, which ended successfully with zero detainments of US citizens. These fears reappeared once again in 2016, with the headlines that Walmarts were being revamped for the detainment of US citizens; however, it turns out it was for holding migrant children hostage, and…

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With Vapocalypse on a temporary hold and flavors finally returning to shops, it begs the question: when is the full ban coming? For many smokers turned vapers, this is an important question. In my experience, the loss of a flavored option for vape juice has led to many of my friends quitting vaping in favor of smoking, which even they see as a backward step. So, for the sake of all vapers, I want to prepare a guide for you all that will help you concoct your own juice flavor recipes, then bring them to life.

Note: While not one…

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While a commonly used word in the modern lexicon, “bias” has become a word that finds itself frequently used in incorrect manners, and society’s collective understanding of what constitutes bias seems to have blurred over the years. So, to lay down a clear-cut definition, I wanted to delve into what bias is, what it is commonly misunderstood as, and how it can be used appropriately for situations in which it applies.

What is Literary Bias?

Put simply, bias is when an opinion affects the narrative of a story in a way as to take or portray a certain side of an argument. While usually…

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Chances are that sometime in your life, you’ve watched a film or TV show. No matter what movie you watch or what genre you enjoy, every single one of them had to have a critical role filled; that of the director. While a director may work on many different genres of movie, there’s always that one theme or pattern within every movie made by that director. By formally analyzing movies made by the same director, these sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant connections can be made and it establishes the director’s signature, developing him as an auteur, concretely determining a specific, unique…

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A study on the positive and negative effects of social media in modern society.


Originally a research paper done for a college English class, this paper feels like something I‘m urged to share with the world. As a victim of bullying and an active social media user, I believe people should be aware of all aspects of these platforms we use on a daily basis — whether it be positive or negative.

An abstract (aka TL,DR:) can be found at the bottom.

If you or a person you know is or has been a victim of cyberbullying, please take the…

Comparing 1970 to now

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We’ve all seen it, heard it, read it before: Everyone should be entitled to a living wage. At its core, I don’t disagree with this philosophy, and the economics of it are sound as well. So why haven’t people jumped on this minimum wage increase—the Fight for $15—yet?

Wages and Costs: Then

The world we live in is, to put it bluntly, a husk of its former self. In 1970, on average, a man working full-time, year-round could earn approximately $9,180 a year, could rent for $108 a month, and could buy a gallon of gas for $0.36. A 1970 man’s annual base expenses…

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