Big Brother 19 Recapped (Premiere)

BB19, the Summer of Temptation.

Otherwise known as the Summer of Damnation.

Oh Boy what a season it has been so far, we’ve had a first night boot, pre-jury comeback, America voting to give a special power to a certain houseguest, and special third nominee competitions, all of these repeating from 18. But the Temptation twists have been an interesting new addition to the series, that in my opinion have been so-so in their results. Since at this time there’s 8 left, I’ll be doing a recap of all the weeks so far, up to the current week and through the rest of the season, and in the end i’ll give my thoughts on the season as a whole.

The first temptation had house guests risking multiple consequences Night One to get $25,000, with Kevin reaping the reward, but he was not eligible to win the first HOH competition.

It unleashed the biggest twist of the season, Paul returning.

With Paul’s return, there were 17 house guests, and 16 chairs at the kitchen table, so one was getting the boot night one. Paul also brought friendship in the form of bracelets that gave the wearer safety from the first eviction, but if you wanted it, you needed to get Paul to give you one.

Those who didn’t receive his “friendship bracelet” had to compete for safety in a competition, where the winner would receive safety, and the losers had to pick apples for the chance to be safe from the block, or get poisoned and put on the block.

In the end, Cody won, and Alex, Matt, Megan, and Josh chose safe apples, while Jillian, Christmas, and Cameron got poisoned, and sent to the block.

For the first eviction, 13 votes could be cast against the three on the block, and Paul would break a tie. In the end, Cameron became the third first night boot in a vote of 8–3–2.

With already a crazy premiere, things were set to be even crazier for the rest of the season.

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