Big Brother 19 Recapped (Week One)

Cameron’s gone, and Paul’s in his place, now to see the interactions in this space.

The first HOH competition is underway, with Nicole coming back to host, and temptations again in play. The goal is to get 8 apples from one side of the backyard to the other whilst swinging.

But the temptation this time is safety, there is a golden apple in the backyard, which if gotten, gives the user safety week one, but eliminates your team from the HOH competition. Luckily for Kevin, since he must throw this comp since he took the 25k, Josh took the apple due to greed, eliminating Jillian, Elena, Josh, and Kevin from the competition.

The first two teams with 8 apples move on to the next part, where they fight it out One on One for HOH. The Blue and Pink teams (shown in a picture above) get it. After this part, Josh fights about how he was “a huge target so he had to get it this week”, and starts attacking Megan.

The next part requires both teams to pick one player to compete, and they pick Paul and Cody. It requires them to balance apples on a tree, and once they are all balanced, the person wins. Cody wins the first HOH in a landslide over Paul.

Relationships form throughout the week as nominations approach, and Cody defines the two sides: His Side which has: himself, Jessica, Elena, Mark, Matt, Raven, Dominique, and Christmas, and the “Outsiders” which are: Paul, Alex, Jillian, Josh, Jason, Ramses, Megan, and Kevin.

With nominations looming, Cody wanted to make his choices easy, so he nominated Megan and Jillian. He nominated Megan “because he didn’t like her” and Jillian was put up due to “association”.

Now this begins the downward spiral that Megan has. She was near Jessica in the back yard, and Cody asks Jess, “Want to go to the hammock?” and Jess responds, “No thanks, “Pao Pao” is over there.” In this comment she was referring to Alex as former houseguest Paola because of similar looks. Megan then goes and tells this to Alex, except she misheard “Pao Pao” as “Panda” (even more of a racist comment). Alex then goes to Jess with this new information, and Jess says she would never say something like that (although, she never did reveal what she actually said). They both confront Megan, saying it was low that she would lie about that. Alex then says she’s done talking with Megan. Megan then gets isolated by the house, and then does something not done in many seasons, she walks.

Since she walked while nominated, Cody must put someone else on the block. Since Alex was his biggest competition in the first safety competition, she goes on the block.

Then comes the first Veto of the summer, where you must stack starfish on a platform while a water timer runs, and when the water timer runs out, you are out of the competition.

There is also a Temptation starfish, where if you get it, you are out of the Veto, but you receive a never-not pass for the rest of the summer.

In the end, Cody threw the competition, and Alex won the first POV of the season.

Since Alex won the Veto, Cody had to decide for the rest of the week who he wanted to put up in her place. But before the Veto even happened, the Den of Temptation was released on the house. If taken, the player gets a reward, while the house gets punished.

Paul received the first temptation, voted in from America, which was the Pendant of Protection. If taken, he would receive three weeks safety, and someone else would have to put themselves up for eviction within the next three weeks.

Cody’s decision with the open spot on the block is to attempt to backdoor Paul, the experienced vet. But since Paul has the Pendant, he is safe for the week.

Now Cody has to put up a record breaking 5th person up for eviction in the first week. Since Christmas has associated herself with Paul, she is put up.

As the week progresses, Cody’s target is Christmas, but since the whole house trusted Paul, and Cody betrayed that trust, the majority has other plans for who is going home. In the end, Jillian becomes the second person evicted in a vote of 8–4.

The stages are now set for a battle between sides, and its gonna be a long one.

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