The First Time I Ever Wrote My Congressperson

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

My name is Spencer Latham. I am writing to you as both my representative in Congress and as the leader of our party. At the current time, our party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton has received over 2.5 million more votes than the president elect, Donald Trump. To put it in perspective that is more American citizens than live in 15 states in our country.

Mr. Trump has responded by alleging that there were millions of illegal votes cast for Hillary Clinton and if those were discounted, he would have won the popular vote. Here is what I purpose. Day 1 of the 115th Congress, I ask you to implore your fellow Democrats and Republicans to hold a bi-partisan national recount of all votes cast in the 2016 presidential election. This should serve both parties well. If Mr. Trump’s allegations are correct; it would not only be the largest and most coordinated example of voter fraud in American history, but also of modern democratic society. Regardless of party, our country is founded on and demands free and fair elections. If this fraud is proven to be correct than it would rightfully become the number one issue for the Democratic Party to address. There were would be no higher goal than investigating and prosecuting this egregious violation of the Constitution, if our party is to maintain any form of legitimacy or integrity. Simply put, we do not deserve to be a political party if we are allowing and potentially coordinating mass voter fraud.

As for the Republicans, they should welcome this with open arms. In the run up to the election many in their party including their nominee and de facto leader, Mr Trump warned of a coordinated mass effort by our party to illegally acquire millions of votes. Well, let’s get to the bottom of this. As Donald Trump loves to say, “Drain the Swamp!” If the allegations are true, then it’s even more to the advantage of the Republican party in securing power for years to come. Win-win.

However, if after careful review, we find not only that it was a free and fair election, but that it is true that Hillary Clinton received a larger share of the popular vote than 10 previous US presidents; it proves a point. The point is not to overturn the election as, Donald Trump fairly won the Electoral College. However, regardless of our electoral system, there is a fundamental element to representative democracy that says, more matters. The point is simple: more American citizens agree with us, by the millions.

More American citizens voted for the Democratic Party’s nominee to lead our country. More American citizens voted for our party’s values and ideas. Most importantly, more American citizens rejected Trump and what he stands for. This is fundamental to winning in 2018 and 2020 because in essence we already have.

Thank you for your time,

Spencer Latham