Ok and…
Darius Sabet

Right. Apologies for the ramble. What I was (admittedly very drunkenly) trying to argue is that my opinions of the band shouldn’t sully the rest of the article for anyone who actually reads it. Will it leave a bad taste in the mouths of Pomplamoose’s fans? Yes, and judging by some of the responses I’ve gotten already it already has. But my opinion of the band has no bearing on the truth of the rest of the article. It’s basic math. If you put four people to a room instead of two (or avoid hotels altogether) you’re going to save money. If you ditch the light show you’re going to save a LOT of money. Whether or not a reader appreciates my opinion of the band is irrelevant to the math, and if people are able to put aside their immediate knee-jerk reactions that attempt to justify their own tastes in the face of someone who has a different opinion they’ll see that. The way I see it, my own words don’t make me come across as jealous- it’s people’s psychological attempts to preserve their sense of correctness in the face of dissenting opinion. Plus, why would I be jealous of a band that blew over eleven grand on a single tour?

But yes, you’re right- I could have easily avoided that quagmire altogether and just written a pure math piece that would have gotten the point across that they could have easily avoided spending that much money. The problem is that doing so wouldn’t have conveyed my overwhelming sense of disgust for Pomplamoose and bands like them, and that’s half of why I wrote the piece at all.

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