You could have written this without the unnecessary and mean-spirited jabs at the band’s music and…
Darius Sabet

While I understand what you’re saying, I fully disagree with it.

Mean-spirited jabs? Maybe, though I don’t think of any of my jabs as being so much mean-spirited as they are just pragmatic. You know what? Some bands just fucking suck, and them’s the facts. I understand that expressing my opinion on the band may make me seem jealous, and I considered refraining for exactly that reason, but really I don’t think I said anything that was unwarranted. While I may not be a professional, I take what I do as a musician seriously, and I’m cautious to voice negative opinions of other bands for that very reason. It’s unbecoming on the whole, and I get that. However, my distaste for this band rests on such a deep and fundamental level that I feel absolutely no shame in expressing that disgust. Not only have they decided to post an “article” that is a disgraceful misrepresentation of independent artists the world over, but their music is bland at best and purely mash-ups at its worst. There is absolutely ZERO creativity there, which puts it at odds with the very core concept of art: to be creative. So here’s a whiny bunch of half-assed “musicians” trying to post some thinly-veiled whine/rant about how they don’t make enough money because they can’t afford their own light show and individual hotel bed every night, and they aren’t even doing anything even remotely artistic? And THAT is supposed to be a representation of independent music? Please.

I’m absolutely not jealous of this band. Having been a musician, a follower of the music world, and a rock club employee for my entire adult (and much of my pre-adult) life, I see how these things go. Odds are that this tour is going to be the thing that stood to let Pomplamoose profit the most of any opportunity in their career, and they blew it. Bands like this don’t have a long-term spotlight. They have a song that people remember from some commercial or TV show, they do a few tours, people get bored, and then 15 years later the reunion tour comes and people go out to one last show for the nostalgia value. I’m not jealous of that. I’m not a musician to make money or hits or sell tickets or records, I’m a musician because it’s what helps me to make sense of my world. If people find that enjoyable or useful somehow that’s awesome, but I do it because I love to do it. Sales are a happy accident.

Hope this clears up any misconceptions.

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