The Rise of Mellie Grant
Nina Concepción

Get a grip. There is no rise of Mellie. Olivia Pope is the STAR of the show and will always be to Top Dog. I’m sick of this fake feminism being praised by Mellie stan as if Mellie is some special snowflake when she is just basic and can’t do sh*t without people propping her up.

Mellie was as wishy washy and indecisive as usual. She talks big and carries a small stick. Did you not see Mellie running back to Olivia to get her to the White House after claiming they were done? She forget about being happy with Marcus quickly and was back to being power hungry.

Cyrus did not kill Frankie and is more qualified to be President than Senator for a minute Mellie who according to Susan Ross during the debates missed 37% of votes in the Senate. I bet Cyrus will be the first openly gay President.

Fitz is and has always been a better person than Mellie because he is not power hungry. He out of all of the crazy people he is surrounded by is idealistic and tries to do the right thing. Fitz like Frankie Vargas was committed to public service through serving in the military and government not to “wear the crown and rule the world as quoted by Mellie” but to do good.

BTW, Bellamy Young is good at some scenes but is terrible at love scenes. There was no heat with Marcus same as with Fitz and Andrew. Hell even Quinn and Charlie have more heat.

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