Deep web OSINT

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is widely used in our community..and mostly free.

There are swathes of places to analyze and retrieve OSINT. Here are some that I use during penetration testing and studying:

OWASP Favicon DB

Wapp Analyzer

Google’s Encryption Transparency page

Recently, I’ve begun a relatively deep-dive into the available OSINT resources on the deep web.

I’ve been a part of the deep web community since I was a teenager. I’ve met some amazing people who have accomplished some incredible things..and have met some equally devious people who have lost their freedom.

Part of the culture within deep web communities is obfuscation, less transparency and a sort of fluidity to where communities nest. This is purposeful..obviously there is no still water in these communities. But within these communities, if you can keep up, are some incredibly valuable OSINT well as other types of resources for learning and growth!

F*ck Facebook

A query-able facebook database dump! Particularly useful for engagements where you are looking for a specific person within a certain capacity to target.


Programming guides and other guides for OpSec!

Hoek’s Blog

Hoek drops some serious knowledge-bombs as a skilled penetration tester on his blog. Not as many posts as I’d like but, for free? What a guy!


Security research is probably a part of your every single day, just like it is mine. Personally, vxunderground is where I like to skim for research purposes but, SerHack has some incredible posts detailing fun snippets of malware and threat research. You will leave this blog with more brain wrinkles, for sure.

Shadow Wiki

It definitely sounds edgy but, Shadow Wiki has some really insightful content regarding OpSec that has really helped me secure my environment at home.

By now, I hope you’ve found a little motivation to dive into the deep web and join the community. We’re a friendly bunch, promise! The community within the deep web (different from the dark web) cares about each other, is motivated by knowledge sharing and open-sourcing as much intelligence as they matter what anyone has to say about it.




Systems Engineer | Consultant/Escalation point for managed services

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Systems Engineer | Consultant/Escalation point for managed services

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