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Spencer Noon
Nov 8 · 2 min read

Today Andreessen Horowitz opened up applications for Crypto Startup School, a program to encourage more tech entrepreneurs to start crypto projects and also help them navigate the crypto idea maze. The program is free of charge for participants, and a16z is not taking equity from companies who join the program. Instead, CSS is about moving the industry forward with education and grassroots community building.

I am excited to be joining CSS batch #1 as a mentor, where I’ll be guiding founders who join the program through the process of developing a new crypto company or idea, similar to how I work with our early-stage portfolio founders at dtc.capital.

The timing for CSS couldn’t be more perfect. Crypto asset prices are still down -70% from record highs in January 2018, but from my seat as an early-stage crypto-native investor, the industry’s most important indicators of health have never looked better:

  • There are more talented entrepreneurs and technologists entering the space than ever before.
  • Infrastructure and tooling are finally mature enough for entrepreneurs to build real businesses on top of decentralized networks.
  • Regulatory clarity has improved leaps and bounds, to the point where it’s no longer an insurmountable roadblock for projects.
  • Crypto companies are making meaningful progress on user traction and institutional adoption.

Given how today’s prices are clearly under-indexed on fundamentals, entrepreneurs are now presented with a golden opportunity to create an outsized impact in an industry that is poised for mainstream adoption in the coming years. Because of this, I believe that starting a crypto project is perhaps the highest-leverage bet that tech entrepreneurs can make today—and CSS is the perfect jumping-off point.

If you’re interested in learning more about a16z Crypto Startup School, including viewing the course outline and list of mentors, click here to visit the CSS website.

Spencer Noon

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