5 project ideas for hackers this weekend

(1) tBTC + DeFi

Yesterday Matt Luongo announced that Trustless Bitcoin (tBTC) went live on Ropsten, a major milestone before tBTC goes live on mainnet later this year. I would like to see hackers experiment with this new DeFi primitive, because there are a number of exciting new applications that have the potential to be unlocked by it. Bitcoin is an absolute dream for DeFi builders because its $180 billion+ marketcap represents a massive new addressable market of collateral.

Dive into the tBTC code here.

(2) Apps on PoolTogether

PoolTogether is a no-loss savings game that is arguably the most beloved application in the DeFi community. The team…

Today Andreessen Horowitz opened up applications for Crypto Startup School, a program to encourage more tech entrepreneurs to start crypto projects and also help them navigate the crypto idea maze. The program is free of charge for participants, and a16z is not taking equity from companies who join the program. Instead, CSS is about moving the industry forward with education and grassroots community building.

I am excited to be joining CSS batch #1 as a mentor, where I’ll be guiding founders who join the program through the process of developing a new crypto company or idea, similar to how I…

Originally published in The Defiant (9/27).

The Internet is filled with Walled Gardens — closed ecosystems controlled by centralized operators who extract as much value as possible. History has shown us that as platforms grow, Walled Gardens become increasingly parasitic to their own users and 3rd parties. Chris Dixon captures this relationship perfectly in his 2018 essay, Why Decentralization Matters:

“As platforms move up the adoption S-curve, their power over users and 3rd parties steadily grows. When they hit the top of the S-curve, their relationships with network participants change from positive-sum to zero-sum.”

Walled Gardens: Good for Business, Bad for Users

I’ve observed the effects of closed…

+ narratives, community building and more

Editor’s note: With Stefano and Yannick in the Dolomites mountains for the 2018 Summer Unplug Retreat, this week’s edition of Token Economy features guest editor, Spencer Noon (that’s me!), an investor at Doggie Tail Crypto Capital, a fundamentals-focused and diversified crypto fund with the best name in the business 🐕. Find me on Twitter and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

☠️ Ether’s rough week

Unless you were living under a rock for the past week, you know that Ethereum’s network value tanked. …

In this post, I break down some of the fundamentals of crypto community building and explain why strong communities are indispensable for the long-term health of decentralized networks.

Community is about ownership

Let’s first get on the same page about what a community even is — because how can we talk about building something unless we agree on its definition?

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about a definition of community that is universal for all cryptoassets. It’s not a straightforward exercise, especially when you consider all of the different types of decentralized networks (e.g. currencies, middleware, smart contract platforms).

Over the…

We are witnessing a Cambrian explosion in the number of blockchain projects coming online. Per CoinDesk, we’ve already seen more ICOs in 2018 than in the entirety of 2017, which is 9x the number that launched the year before that. Now put yourself in the shoes of one of the 1637 projects listed on CoinMarketCap — how are you going to differentiate yourself?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question lately. Sure, executing on your development roadmap or devising a clever go-to market strategy can go a long way towards setting yourself apart from other cryptocurrencies. …

A few of takeaways from EIP 1011

On Friday, EIP 1011 the Ethereum Improvement Proposal for Hybrid Casper FFG — was published by Danny Ryan and Chih-Cheng Liang:

The spec is worth reading if you have some time, but if you’re feeling lazy, Trust Nodes (one of my favorite industry publications) summarized it here:

I’ve been looking forward to Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake for some time, so it’s exciting to hear that we’re only 3–4 months away from the first step of the transition happening.

Here were some of my biggest takeaways from the EIP:

1. Ethereum’s inflation rate is about to be reduced by 80%

In the new hybrid system that utilizes both Proof…

A quick analysis of the situation

Today, Bitmain-owned mining pool AntPool announced that they are now burning 12% of their BCH transaction fees:

Their official announcement doesn’t really indicate why they’re undergoing such a drastic measure; instead, they’ve opted to give us a largely incomprehensible statement about the “forthcoming wave of innovation” for Bitcoin Cash.

So what’s going on here — why is AntPool reducing the total supply of BCH?

The Optimist

  • This is a massive signal of confidence by one of Bitcoin Cash’s biggest mining pools. By burning their tokens, AntPool is demonstrating its belief in Bitcoin Cash’s long-term viability. …

A reading list

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I spend a lot of time thinking about governance. It is a topic that is misunderstood by both investors and makers in the space, and for those who understand it, there are still the questions of (1) what is good governance and (2) how do you properly value it. Because of these challenges, I predict that we will look back on governance in a few years as an obvious investable trend that many crypto investors missed on.

For today’s post, I picked out some of my favorite articles that I would…

Crypto has a wealth centralization problem. According to Jackson Palmer’s Are We Decentralized Yet?, 19% of Bitcoin’s supply and 35% of Ethereum’s supply is held by each coin’s respective top 100 accounts. Worse yet, 97% of Ripple’s supply is held by its top 100 accounts.

While there are some legitimate reasons as to why today’s cryptocurrencies have concentrated supplies, that doesn’t mean that coins in the future should follow the same path. I believe that cryptocurrencies ought to push the limits of egalitarianism and that the long-term winners will have supplies that test the limits of extreme distribution.

Naval Ravikant…

Spencer Noon

investor @dtccapital

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